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I am Bakersfield ~ a campaign to promote Bakersfield.  

The map is not a directional map but a graphic "artistic" map. 

Millennials may love technology but a lot of people also love to have the hands-on experience with tangible products.

We offer the best of both worlds!

  • The actual physical map will be 2' x 3' and can be displayed in the home or office; this is a great opportunity to showcase your business image. 

  • The app is great for all us techies. Through the app the community can review your services or products, contact you with One Touch Calling, get directions to your business, go to your website or email you.  Another interesting factor when thinking about the app feature is that 51% of households no longer have landlines. Instead people are relying on their smart phones/devices for communication. Through the I am Bakersfield app you are able to send Push Notifications to all users. This is the ultimate tool for networking.

In addition, we have the website.  Websites are still a critical element of doing business.  Your link, through our website, will help to increase your SEO results.

Sponsorship is only $750.00 or $250.00 for App only option.

Download the App

For more information on being a sponsor please call Janet Needham (661) 331-9899