The Community

I am Bakersfield is all about sharing our wonderful city and creating a better sense of community.  We want to become the resource people in our city go to for information about where to eat, where to shop and where to have fun. We also encourage everyone to share his or her story, photos and videos about why they live in Bakersfield.

Have an event coming up you would like to announce?  Submit your event either through the app or on the website.

Marketing Your Business

How often do you pick up your smartphone throughout the day? When you wake up; when you’re standing in line for coffee; when you get a push note?

Bakersfield is the heart of our valley.  However, society today lives in an alternate world, an iWorld, where everything lives within a dim blue light — including your company. Get your business featured.  Contact us for marketing plans available.

We provide links to your business, Push Notifications, and Loyalty Rewards for your customers.

Who wouldn’t be excited about all that? We certainly are.

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I am Bakersfield

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About the map Project

Our mission is to unite our diverse community, support our local businesses, and create pride in our city.  

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